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yess_history timelineYESS was founded in Hamburg in October 2010 by PhD students from Earth system research centers across Germany. The network was established to be a self-maintained super-structure serving to enhance communication between different graduate schools and between the multitude of diverse research institutes that define the European Earth system science landscape. It has since grown in ambitions to become even more international and interdisciplinary. YESS now has members from all over the world, is organized by an enthusiastic team, and collaborates with several partners; YESS activities are developed by the working groups. We are proud to be an independent network of like-minded, interdisciplinary-oriented Young Earth System Scientists – when will you join us?
And here a little bit more of our history:


During 2015 YESS established close contact with the research arms of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), the UN specialized agency for weather, climate and water. These include the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) and the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW).

In October YESS organized a workshop sponsored by WCRP, WWRP and GAW for 30 active members to discuss the early career researchers’ vision on Earth system science and to further develop and professionalize the YESS community (see Earth System Science Frontiers).


During the Climate Symposium in Darmstadt, organized by EUMETSAT and WCRP, YESS joined the development of a broad early career scientists program including a breakfast, coffee break meetings with senior scientists, and a final statement from an early career scientists perspective which was presented on the last day of the conference (YESS@Climate Symposium).

YESS was also present at the World Weather Open Science Conference in Montreal. The conference brought together scientists from around the world to discuss the development of the World Weather Research Program and related projects. One key activity was the program for early career scientists, which included early career lunch breaks, where young scientists from all disciplines had the unique opportunity to meet high profile senior scientists from academia, industry and international administration, as well as a central meeting on Thursday evening (YESS@Montreal).

2010 – 2013

YESS helped organize several conferences specifically for early career researchers, such as the Interdisciplinary Conference of Young Earth System Scientists “Understanding and Interpreting Uncertainty” (ICYESS). The conference brought together scientists from various disciplines contributing to the understanding of processes and interactions in the Earth system. This conference addressed natural, social and political sciences, economics, and sustainability research (For details see the Report).

Two further workshops were organized by YESS both nearby Hamburg, Germany. The first one was held in 2012, where 18 YESS members from a variety of institutions (MPIMet, CSC, University of Hamburg, PIK, LMD, LSCE and MPIWG) discussed one pivotal question: the role and importance of communication of Earth System Science (News article). The second workshop took place in 2014 and was focused on two topics. The “Earth System Science Science questionnaire”, developed during the first workshop, was applied and evaluated. Using this questionnaire, a common terminology was developed, unifying different notions for uncertainties used in different fields in climate science. We came up with a first version of a glossary: ‘YESS: Earth System Science uncertainty concepts, figures, and glossary’ (News article).

Besides these major events, several smaller seminars were held in the YESS context, on diverse topics ranging from job opportunities in Earth system science to environmental model development. YESS was also present at the EGU, AGU, IUGG conferences and organized a variety of informal activities with YESS members.

About YESS community

The YOUNG EARTH SYSTEM SCIENTISTS community is a communication platform among young researchers from Earth system research institutes across the globe. It is a self-maintained superstructure that aims to enhance communication between different graduate schools and between the multitude of diverse research institutes that define the global Earth system science landscape.

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To network, interact and communicate with fellow students, researchers and colleagues.

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