Conferences and Workshops

8th Asia/Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users’ Conference – AOMSUC-8, 16-21 October 2017, Vladivostok City, Russia. Abstract submission deadline expired.

Numerical Modeling, Predictability and Data Assimilation in Weather, Ocean and Climate Symposium, 1720 October 2017, ISAC in Bologna, Italy. Abstract deadline expired.

OpenCon 2017, 11-13 November 2017, Berlin, Germany. Aplication deadline expired.

5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5), 13-17 November 2017, Rome, Italy. Registration deadline expired.

6th WMO International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-VI), 13-17 November 2017, Singapore. Abstract submission deadline expired.

World Bosai Forum IDRC 2017, 25-28 November 2017, Sendai, Japan. Abstract submission deadline expired.

International TOVS Study Conferences (ITSC), 29 November5 December 2017, Darmstadt, Germany. Abstract submission deadline expired.

AGU Fall meeting, 11-15 December 2017, New Orleans, USA.  Abstract submission deadline expired.

26th edition of ERCA (European Research Course on Atmosphere), 8 January-3 February 2018, Grenoble, France. Registration deadline expired.

Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography (AMOS-ICSHMO 2018), 5-7 February 2018, Sydney, Australia . Abstract submission deadline expired.

IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, 5-7 March 2018, Edmonton, Canada. Abstract submission deadline expired.

International Symposium on Cryosphere and Biosphere, 14–19 March 2018, Kyoto, Japan. Abstract deadline: 1 November 2017.

International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle, 29 April-4 May 2018, Banff, Canada. Abstract deadline: tba.

8th GEWEX Science Conference: Extremes and Water on the edge, 6-11 May 2018, Canmore, Canada. Abstract submission deadline: 18 December 2017. Registration deadline: 1 February 2018.

International Conference on Geology and Earth Sciences, 2-4 May 2018, Rome, Italy. Abstract deadline: 31 March 2018.

2nd Baltic Earth Conference: The Baltic Sea Region in Transition, 11-15 June 2018, Helsingor, Denmark. Abstract deadline: February 2018.

GRONEN Research Conference 2018, 13-15 June 2018, Almeria, Spain. Abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2018.

1st International Conference on Geography and Geoinformatics for Sustainable Development (ICGGS), 19-20 July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. Abstract submission deadline: 31 December 2017.

Goldschmidt conference 2018, 12-17 August 2018, Boston, USA. Abstract deadline: tba.

Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC) Assembly, 1-5 October 2018, Kyoto, Japan. Registration deadline: 31 Aug 2018.

4th International Conference on El Niño Southern Oscillation, 16-18 October 2018, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Abstract deadline: 30 Apr 2018.


Please consider adding conferences and workshops to the list above (contact: Jörg Burdanowitz or Valentina Rabanal).

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