Our Partners

YESS is very glad to collaborate with and receive generous support from the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) Argentina, the Argentinian National Weather Service, for hosting the YESS office.

YESS is very glad to closely cooperate and collaborate with the core research programmes of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO): the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) and the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW).


YESS is partnering with the German Committee Future Earth (DKN), an independent scientific advisory body of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and national contact point and platform for developments and activities within the international research program for global sustainability “Future Earth” and the “World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)”.

YESS has partnered with TROP-ICSU (“Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding”), which is a project funded by the International Council of Science. YESS is closely contributing to the review and dissemination of the teaching materials that are developed by the TROP-ICSU.

From the early days of YESS, we have received valuable advice and ideas from our early career network partner, the Association for Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). YESS is happy to collaborate with APECS to facilitate communication of opportunities between our members.

YESS is a member of the Early Career Researchers Network of Networks (ECR NoN). YESS members are part of the ECR NoN Council and of the ECR NoN Future Earth Working Group.

At its inception, YESS worked closely with and remains grateful for support for the YESS community website from the Geoverbund ABC/J, the geoscientific network of the Aachen-Bonn-Cologne/Jülich research area in Germany.

YESS works closely with and remains grateful for the support we have received in the past for the YESS community website from the German Climate Consortium (DKK).

YESS worked closely with and remains grateful for financial support we have received in the past from the Universität Hamburg’s Cluster of Excellence “Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction” (CliSAP) for several activities.

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About YESS community

The YOUNG EARTH SYSTEM SCIENTISTS community is a communication platform among young researchers from Earth system research institutes across the globe. It is a self-maintained superstructure that aims to enhance communication between different graduate schools and between the multitude of diverse research institutes that define the global Earth system science landscape.

Why join YESS community? 

To network, interact and communicate with fellow students, researchers and colleagues.

Our Partners


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