YESS Office

YESS Office

In March 2017 YESS opened the new YESS office! 

The YESS Officer provides support to our day-to-day tasks, but also helps in the coordination of events and organization of the activities of the YESS Working Groups. She is also assisting the Executive Committee and working closely with the YESS Council to grow the YESS community more internationally and interdisciplinarily.

The YESS Office is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is kindly hosted by SMNArgentina’s National Weather Service, and has been established in March 2017. Valentina Rabanal is the present YESS officer. She is an Atmospheric Sciences student in University of Buenos Aires.

We wish to thank WCRP, WWRP and GAW, the research arms of the World Meteorological Organisation, who supported us from the moment we started planning a YESS office. Through them, new windows opened to YESS. We would like to express our special thanks to the generous support of Dr. Celeste Saulo, head of the Argentinian National Weather Service, who made the YESS office happen. 

To get in touch with the YESS Officer:

Valentina Rabanal
National Weather Service
4019 Dorrego Avenue
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54 (0)11 51676767 (ext. 18855)