International participation

One of YESS main aims is to stimulate career development and to increase the opportunities for early career scientists on national, regional and international levels. One way to actively engage early career researchers and to ensure a common voice is coming across in the community to help shape the future of science is through engagement and memberships in panels, boards, committees etc.

YESS members are increasingly becoming part of panels, boards, committees. For instance:

WMO Research Board
YESS member: Faten Attig Bahar
Period: 2020-current

Future Earth Governing Council
YESS member: Gaby Langendijk, Faten Attig Bahar
Period: 2021 – current

Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Scientific Steering Committee
YESS member: Julie M. Nicely
Period: 2021 – current

WCRP GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS) Panel
YESS member: Carla Gulizia
Period: 2020 – current

WCRP SPARC Strategy Task Team
YESS member: Shipra Jain
Period: 2020 – current

WCRP Regional Information for Society (RifS)
Interim coordinating group (ICG)

YES members: Lincoln Alves & Nina Ridder
Period: May 2021 – current

WCRP Lighthouse Activity “Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change”
Science Plan Development Team
YESS member: Leandro Diaz
Period: March 2021 – current

WCRP Lighthouse Activity “WCRP Academy”
Science Plan Development Team
YESS member: Feba Francis, Pablo Borges de Amorim
Period: November 2020 – current

WCRP Lighthouse Activity “My Climate Risk”
Science Plan Development Team
YESS member: Gaby Langendijk
Period: November 2020 – current

WMO/ WCRP Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
YESS member: Ariane Frassoni
Period: 2019 – 2021

Future Earth Risk Knowledge Action Network
YESS member: Jo-Ting Huang Lachmann
Period: 2018 – current

Future Earth Water-Energy-Food NEXUS Knowledge Action Network
YESS member: Faten Attig Bahar

Future Earth Implementation Team
YESS member: Gaby Langendijk
Period: September 2020 – June 2021

African Future Earth Committee (AFEC)
YESS member: Rondrotiana Barimalala & Faten Attig Bahar
2019 – current

YESS members have been invited to major international panel, committee, board meetings or major international events, such as:

World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) meetings:

41st JSC Session, 18-22 May 2020 (A) & 30 Nov. – 3 Dec.(B), Virtual.
39th JSC Session. 16-20 April 2018. Nanjing, China. (See news)
38th JSC Session. 3-7 April 2017. Paris, France.
37th JSC Session. 25-27 April 2016. Geneva, Switzerland.
36th JSC Session. 8-10 April 2015. Geneva, Switzerland.

WMO, World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)
Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) meetings:
YESS was represented each year from 2016 – 2021
See short news item about our participation in October 2018 here.

WCRP 40th Anniversary Symposium
8 December 2019, San Francisco, USA
Invited presentation “An early career perspective on WCRP science

IPCC 30th Anniversary celebration
Participated in panel discussion on´the Future of IPCC: Research & Education´
More information can be found here and here.

Future Earth Advisory Committee meeting, April 2019, Stockholm Sweden.

Future Earth Science and Engagement Committee meetings,
in 2016 (Thun, Switzerland) and 2017 (Montreal, Canada)

Are you a YESS member and a member of a panel, board, committee and you feel you could be part of the above list? – please send us an email to: contact