YESS Science Interviews

The main objective of the YESS Science Interviews series is to gather more information on ongoing Earth System Science research projects and the opportunities they offer to the early-career researchers. 

Under this series, we will interview one or more key persons from these projects to gather insights on project aims and achievements, data availability, membership, diversity, and how early career researchers can be involved. 

The role of WCRP SPARC in fostering the new generation of Earth-System scientists

SPARC co-chairs, Neil Harris and Seok-Woo Son, discuss the opportunities WCRP – SPARC offers for early-career researchers and tips on how to get involved.

In case you are aware of any project that offers fantastic opportunities for the early-career researchers and would like to nominate that for our series, please get in touch with us at gro.ytinummoc-sseynull@sweivretni.