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YESS aims to bring together early career scientists to give them an opportunity to share ideas and visions on Earth system science topics, challenges for early career scientists and to develop these shared thoughts into papers – crossing countries, regions and disciplines.

In the recent years the following papers in scientific peer reviewed journals have been published through collaborations that YESS facilitated and/or was actively involved:

Three Ways Forward to Improve Regional Information for Extreme Events: An Early Career Perspective

Langendijk, G.S., Aubry-Wake, C., Osman, M., Gulizia, C., Attig-Bahar, F., Behrens, E., Bertoncini, A., Hart, N., Indasi, V.S., Innocenti, S., van der Linden, E.C., Mamnun, N., Rasouli, K., Reed, K.A., Ridder, N., Rivera, J., Ruscica, R., Ukazu, B.U., Walawender, J.P., Walker, D.P., Woodhams, B.J. and Yılmaz, Y.A., 2019.  Frontiers in Environmental Science. 7:6.

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Earth System Science Frontiers: An Early Career Perspective

Rauser, F., Alqadi, M., Arowolo, S., Baker, N., Bedard, J., Behrens, E., Dogulu, N., Domingues, L.G., Frassoni, A., Keller, J. and Kirkpatrick, S., Langendijk G., Mirsafa M., Salauddin, M., Naumann A.K., Osman, M., Reed, K., Rothmuller, M., Schemann, V., Singh, A., Tummon, F., Dike, V., Villafuerte M.Q., Walawender J.P., Zaroug, M., 2017. Earth System Science Frontiers: An Early Career Perspective. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98(6), 1120-1127.

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Obstacles facing Africa’s young climate scientists

Dike, V.N., Addi, M. Andang´o, H.A., Attig, B.F., Barimalala, R., Diasso, U.J., Plessis, M.D., Lamine, S., Nongwe, P.N., Zaroug, M., Ochanda, K.V., 2018. Obstacles facing Africa’s young climate scientists. Nature Climate Change, 8, 447–449.

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Building urgent intergenerational bridges: assessing early career researcher integration in global sustainability initiatives.
Jørgensen, P. S., Evoh, C. J., Gerhardinger, L. C., Hughes, A. C., Langendijk, G. S., Moersberger, H., Jay Pocklington, J., Mukherjee, N. (2019).  Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 39, 153-159.

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Building the next generation of climate modelers: scale–aware physics parameterization and the “Grey Zone” challenge*

Frassoni, A., D. Castilho, M. Rixen, E. Ramirez, J. de Mattos, P. Kubota, A. Calheiros, K. Reed, M. da Silva Dias, P. da Silva Dias, H. de Campos Velho, S. de Roode, F. Doblas-Reyes, D. Eiras, M. Ek, S. Figueroa, R. Forbes, S. Freitas, G. Grell, D. Herdies, P. Lauritzen, L. Machado, A. Manzi, G. Martins, G. Oliveira, N. Rosário, D. Sales, N. Wedi, and B. Yamada, 2018. Building the next
generation of climate modelers: scale–aware physics parameterization and the “Grey Zone” challenge. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 10.1175/BAMS-D-18-0145.1, in press.

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*YESS members Ariane Frassoni, Kevin Reed, João Gerd Zell de Mattos were contribution actively to the development of this paper as an outcomes of the the 2nd WCRP Summer School on Climate Model Development, held in Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil, January 2018.

Reflections on the CLIVAR Early Career Scientists Symposium 2016

Swart, N.C., Busecke, J., Langendijk, G., Reed, K.A., Kang, S.M., Behrens, E., Frassoni, A., Baker, N.C., Durgadoo, J.V., Dike, V.N. and Nath, D., 2018. Reflections on the CLIVAR Early Career Scientists Symposium 2016, npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 1:6.

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Sustainable early-career networks

Rauser, F., V. Schemann, and S. Sonntag (2015), Sustainable early-career networks, Nature Geoscience, 8, 745-746.

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ICYESS2013: Uncertainty as an example of interdisciplinary language problems

Rauser, F., A. Schmidt, S. Sonntag, and D. Süsser (2014), ICYESS2013: Uncertainty as an example of interdisciplinary language problems. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95, ES106-ES108.

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