Science Highlights

YESS aims to highlight the scientific contributions by early career researchers in the community to make their work more visible and to enhance scientific interactions among community members and beyond. The Science Highlights will be mainly in the form of published papers and will be posted here on a regular basis*.

Moetasim Ashfaq, Nathaniel Johnson,  Fred Kucharski, Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Muhammad Adnan Abid, Matthew F. Horan, Deepti Singh, Salil Mahajan, Subimal Ghosh, Auroop R. Ganguly, Katherine J. Evans & Shafiqul Islam (2023). The influence of natural variability on extreme monsoons in Pakistan. npj Clim Atmos Sci 6, 148.

Monthly standardized area-averaged precipitation anomaly (bars) from the average over 1991–2020. The years when the region experienced floods or droughts are labeled. The dotted lines represent standardized Niño1 + 2 (blue), Niño3 (yellow), Niño3.4 (gray), and Niño4 (orange) indices using detrended COBE/NOAA sea surface temperatures. All Niño indexes are multiplied by −1 for ease of comparison so that positive (negative) anomalies represent La Niña (El Niño). The number in parentheses represents the actual correlation between WSA and Niño indexes. Every third month in the time series is labeled starting with the first month on the x-axis.

Nasim Hossein Hamzeh, Karim Shukurov, Kaveh Mohammadpour, Dimitris G. Kaskaoutis, Abbas Ranjbar Saadatabadi, Himan Shahabi (2023). A comprehensive investigation of the causes of drying and increasing saline dust in the Urmia Lake, northwest Iran, via ground and satellite observations, synoptic analysis and machine learning models. Ecological Informatics, Volume 78, 2023,102355.

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