YESS webinars – Sustainable Development in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and covers approximately 20 percent of the earth land, counting about 17 percent of the total world population. The continent, which is very rich in history, resources, languages and biological and geographical diversities, is, also, widely recognized to be one of the most vulnerable regions to extreme weather and climate change impacts (IPCC, 2014). The number of reported disasters, particularly those related to climate change and extreme weather events, has significantly increased in recent decades throughout the continent (World Bank, 2014).

In this context, this webinar series aims to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the continent and stress the role of social engagement and science in shaping the future of Africa. This initiative brings together scientists, stakeholders and fresh vision of Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

Third Edition (2021)

A particular focus is given to digital transformation, job opportunities in the post-COVID context, as well as strategy to reduce the gaps between  research and application in the context of sustainable science for Africa. This webinar series will be held between April and June 2021.

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Second Edition (2020)

The second edition of the webinar series of webinars is focusing on the following topics:

  • Innovation in Africa: Is there any choice for Africa but to innovate and institute the entrepreneurship spirit – A moment of reflection during this COVID-19 Pandemic era.
  • Untapped opportunities in water, energy and climate change in Africa for youths and women.
  • Strategies put in place to achieve the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, timelines and the roles of youths.

First Edition (2018-2019)

A particular focus was given to food, water, energy availability as well as to the adaptation strategy to extreme climate and weather events:

  • Sustainable development, air quality and climate change in Africa.
  • Securing nexus resources while facing extreme events and the impacts of climate change.
  • Roles of early career scientists for Africa’s sustainable development.
  • The use of the digital revolution for the sustainable development.