Terms of Service

Please read our Terms of Service carefully


Who is this Site for?

This website is run by and for YESS community members. All use of any content by other parties is prohibited, especially for the purpose of advertising.
Contact the YESS community administration, if you want to use any content from this website. Any rights for the contents of the respective profile pages are reserved by the respective members.


Data Security

The parts of a YESS community user profile that are marked *public* during the registration procedure will be accessible without user accounts or password. The parts of a profile that are marked *internal* during the registration procedure will only be accessible with a YESS community user account.

We aim to secure all user data (internal and public) of YESS community members from theft, destruction and wrongful use by implementing a safety system on the internal site. We cannot completely guarantee the safety of the database; please enter therefore only data that you would feel comfortable publishing on a public web profile.



For YESS community members: do use only original pictures that you have the copyright for and do not link pages that might be dubious with respect to copyrights. If you are a copyright holder and someone on this site violates your copyright, please contact the YESS community administration and the content / user profile will be deleted right away.


Continuation of Service

YESS community reserves the right to discontinue this website and the connected service at any point without announcement. This includes the potential deletion of any data that users have uploaded to this page, also without the option to retain the data as a YESS community member. Please do not add data / content to this page that is not secured somewhere else, too.


Accountability and Change of Terms of Service

YESS community reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time without announcement if there is need due to legal risks, please check them regularly. YESS community is not accountable for any damages that you might occur due to problems with the usage of this service.