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Hey everyone, fellow YESS members,

I hope everybody enjoyed a gracious and delightful transition into 2016! I wanted to take the chance of the new year spirit to e-mail you all with some perspective on what is going on with YESS and where we want to go in 2016.

First things first: as it is mandatory for an early career community that grows, things are changing – a lot. As you can read in Gaby’s news article on our webpage ( ), the German weather service (DWD) had YESS organize a first massively international meeting of the international -interim-YESS steering group, funded by WCRP in late autumn 2015, and as a result we now have a large, international *YESS council* and a *YESS executive committee* which will prepare an election of the first elected YESS executive committee in April 2016. To be part of the election (and to be electable) you need to be part of the council, which every YESS member can become anytime – if he / she is part of any working groups. These working groups are presented on the updated Team Panel of our Webpage ( ).

This process means that the number of active, young researchers in YESS leadership has increased tremendously, and you will hopefully see the resulting shift and expansion of activities throughout this year – do you want to be part of it? Contact the council, become a working group member, be part of shaping our community.

The second thing that will change in 2016 is who we are – we are not anymore a small network of mostly European PhD students, but we are on our way to be a global early career network, recognized by all three research arms of the World Meteorological Organization (WCRP, WWRP, GAW). To this end, Julia (Keller) has given a great talk at at WWRP meeting in November 2015 that has been received with great support by the WWRP authorities, following in the tradition of Vera (Schemann) giving a similarly great talk in April 2015 to the WCRP assemly that lead to the YESS meeting being funded by WCRP – and Dave Carlson and others from WCRP supporting YESS in full strength for months now. We will actively pursue this target in 2016: to make YESS *the* global ECS community of Earth System Scientists, reaching across disciplines and across regional differences. Please help us do so by talking to your fellow students, colleagues and friends. In the end, we aim not only to create a community for ourselves, but to create a focal point where young researches can be in direct contact with the large research organizations of your field – and vice versa.

As you know from the very beginning – YESS is not a service, but a platform, created by young scientists, for young scientists. This will hold true for the foreseeable future, but we expect to expand our activities across more meetings, think about online activities and more. We are in this community because it is a community of great people, and every meeting that we can facilitate, every contact between young scientists (from different backgrounds or regions), will make this community stronger. So, if you think that some part of this community is not working the way it could/should (and there are many, due to the “in progress” nature of your network), please invest some time and energy to think about how you could contribute to YESS – and what you want from YESS. Just let us know even if you have no direct solution- either by posting in the general YESS group, or by contacting us via the contact form.

I will finish with thanking everyone of you who made YESS a community in 2015 – we would not be here today if not for you, and we would not go, where we want to go in 2016, without all of you.

Cheers from Hamburg, and talk to many of you soon,

Florian Rauser

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