YESS & HIWeather webinar series

Exploring the role of citizen science in weather, climate, and related projects

High Impact Weather Project (HIWeather) is a 10-year research project established in 2016 by World Meteorological Organization (WMO)’s World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). HIWeather is aimed at achieving dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of weather-related hazard warnings, following recent advancements in numerical weather prediction at km-scale and in disaster risk reduction. Citizen science is a broad term, which encompasses a variety of different types of projects where the citizens work with various public and private organizations, including academic researchers, to undertake scientific research.

In this context, WWRP and YESS are delighted to announce the first edition of the citizen science webinar series between September and November 2020. The webinars aim to enable further discussion on this topic and bring  together scientists, stakeholders and the fresh vision of Early Career Researchers under the same umbrella to foster the understanding of resilience to high impact weather, worldwide, through improving forecasts for different timescales and enhance their communication and utility in social, economic and environmental applications.

You can read the concept note here.

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