YESS @ Montreal WWOSC

The World Weather Open Science Conference in Montreal (website) brought together scientists from around the world to discuss the future development of the World Weather Research Program and related disciplines. One key activity, besides a multitude of parallel and plenary sessions, was the the program for all early career scientists.

Organized by Julia Keller from DWD with the help of a lot of local students from the universities in Montreal, there  were two key components: the early career lunch breaks and a central meeting on Thursday evening. During the early career lunch breaks, young scientists from all disciplines had the unique opportunity to meet high profile senior scientists from academia, industry and international administration. This very relaxed opportunity was well received and has proven to be an example for future early career programs.

The central meeting was a success, not only because the room was filled up to the last seat, but also because the discussion towards a unified Earth system early career network was initiated by YESS (2014_Yess) and continued by the audience. The evening was brought to a succesful closure with a nice pub evening.

Overall, the Montreal WWOSC has proven to be the key moment when YESS has moved from a WCRP / climate focussed early career network to embrace the opportunity and challenge of a global Earth system network that spans all scales from weather to climate.

If you have been part of the WWOSC, just join the YESS community and the group WWOSC in our internal area.