YESS @ IUGG in Prague

Several members of the YESS network international steering group attended IUGG in Prague this year, including Julia Keller, Vera Schemann, Kevin Reed, and Sarah Perkins. We first met with committee members of APECS and discussed over dinner some key tips and advice on how to successfully run a global early career network of scientific researchers. They had some fantastic tips, and we can’t wait to start putting them in practice in the near future!

APECS also ran a symposium on what makes a good researcher, hosting a panel discussion with three leading polar scientists, as well as the chance to mingle with young-likeminded scientists at IUGG too. This event was fantastic and all attendees went away with some great tips and new friends. Any topics that you might find useful or beneficial to a range of early career researcher that you’d like to be discussed, please let us know, and we might organize something similar at a future conference.

Lastly, a few of us met for some casual drinks on the Sunday evening during the poster session. The beer and wine were flowing at IUGG, so it was a great way to meet some new faces and discuss everyone’s field of research. It was also nice to say hi to a few familiar faces over the next few days of the conference! We hope to have a more structured social at various main meetings in the future, so please give us a heads up when you’re going to a conference so something can be organized

Sarah, Vera, Julia and Kevin