Palmira Cuellar and Kevin Reed, North-America Regional Representatives, were representing YESS at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, which took place in New Orleans, December 11-15.

On December 11, during the morning they convened, together with the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) the Poster Session ED11A about Early-Career Organizations and Networks in Geosciences.
´In recent years various organizations have started networks specifically focused towards students and early career scientists. Although most of these have an overlapping focus (connecting & empowering the new generation of scientists), goals, implementation, strategies, and organizational structures, they are in some cases very different. This session aims to (1) discuss the similarities and differences between these organizations and networks, (2) allow networks and organizations to share (good and bad) experiences, and (3) inspire each other. For those who are not actively involved in an early career organization or network, this session aims to showcase examples of how one can get active in existing organizations, or initiate something new.´

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