YESS’ new Strategic Action Plan

During the past period, the Young Earth System Scientists (YESS) community has been working on the development of a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for the upcoming few years and beyond. The Strategic Action Plan outlines our plans, vision and mission, and puts forward pathways how to implement them.

“The YESS community strives to help shape the future of Earth system science, by fostering international and transdisciplinary leaders of tomorrow who pioneer the development and delivery of research and knowledge, which provide solutions to benefit society, towards a more equitable and sustainable future”.

This Strategic Action Plan is the result of a consultation with present and past YESS members, as well as key partners about the role of YESS in the Earth system science community. The SAP aims to be a rolling document, updated by YESS members every few years.

We are delighted to announce that the Strategic Action Plan has been finalised and we warmly welcome you to have a look at the SAP: 

We particularly wish to thank the YESS community*, former Executive Committee members, as well as our partners and collaborators**, for their valuable comments that helped us shape this SAP.

*Our initial survey to gather the ideas of the YESS community on the SAP was answered by the YESS Council and Working Groups members and Regional Representatives. We consulted a group of around 10 YESS alumni (mainly former Executive Committee members). After that, we created our first draft SAP, which we circulated among YESS members for further suggestions.

**We thankfully received constructive comments by (scientific) leadership of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), including particularly the World Weather Research programme (WWRP), Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP, co-sponsored with IOC-UNESCO & ISC); WCRP’s Core Projects: SPARC & GEWEX; Future Earth; TROP ISCU; PAUWES; as well as our honorary members.