YESS 2016

[public_only] Please log in to read the letter. [members_only] // please excuse the technical problems and the double mail, see last sentence 😉 Hey everyone, fellow YESS members, I hope everybody enjoyed a gracious and delightful transition into 2016! I wanted to take the chance of the new year spirit to e-mail you all with […]

YESS @ climate symposium

The climate symposium in Darmstadt was the attempt to map the ongoing research activities within WCRP on the projection of future space-based research. The double-logo “Climate Research and Earth Observations from Space” and “Climate information for decision making” captures both ideas of the workshop: to shape the future of space observations and at the same […]

YESS @ Montreal WWOSC

The World Weather Open Science Conference in Montreal (website) brought together scientists from around the world to discuss the future development of the World Weather Research Program and related disciplines. One key activity, besides a multitude of parallel and plenary sessions, was the the program for all early career scientists. Organized by Julia Keller from DWD […]


The YESS community strives to help shape the future of Earth system science, by fostering international and transdisciplinary leaders of tomorrow who pioneer the development and delivery of research and knowledge, which provide solutions to benefit society, towards a more equitable and sustainable future. What is YESS? YESS, as an interdisciplinary, international, and bottom-up early […]